Our Mission

We are responsible and accountable for the role we play in the countries in which we operate; economically, socially and environmentally. Our accountability is lived through our daily functions and of our core business values and our company culture. We also work closely with our suppliers to deliver higher sustainability standards and motivate them towards more sustainable travel behavior.

Sustainability Policy

We strive to run our business along ethical lines, embracing the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. We endeavor to maximize the positive benefits received by local communities as a result of our presence while minimizing any negative impacts. Whenever possible, we will work with local partners and suppliers who share our philosophy and actively monitor their business practices and services.

At Sights Travel and Tours we are committed to developing, operating and marketing our tourism services in a sustainable manner. With this in mind, Sights Travel has partnered with the ‘Travelife for Tour Operators and Travel Agents’ certification scheme in order to provide structure for our journey down the road to greater sustainability.

Sustainability Management

Our Director Catherine Mucheru has successfully gone through the Sustainability Travel Life training course and has received the tile of ‘Travel Life’ Sustainability manager. She will be coordinating our sustainability initiatives. She will be in charge of action planning, monitoring and evaluation. She will ensure to keep our sustainability policy up to date and reporting on the progress of sustainability management the company.

Our Sustainability Policy

Practicing responsible tourism is Non-negotiable to us.